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Great Looks

Unleash Your Inner Activist

Welcome to Democratic Threads, where we craft custom shirts tailored for Texas Democratic women. Our designs are a celebration of equality, feminism, and the spirit of Texas and America. Founded by passionate college students with a commitment to activism, we offer unique pieces that make a statement. 


Our Services

What We Offer

Custom Shirt Design

The Look You're Looking For

At Democratic Threads, we make it our mission to bring your vision to life, from fit to fabric and beyond. This is why we are pleased to offer custom shirt design services. Email us at and start your creation today!

Political Campaign Merchandise

We Make It Easy

Democratic Threads is committed to making you can show your support for the Democratic Party in style. Our designs embody the principles of equality, feminism, and the essence of both Texas and America. Wear your activism on your sleeve with our clothing!

Activist Apparel

Your Vision Brought to Life

Our Activist Apparel service ensures that our customers always come away from their Democratic Threads experience looking and feeling their best. Ready to let your truths shine? Order online or email us at with questions!

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